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At Best & Fast Travel, we’re more than just a travel agency; we’re your passport to Dubai’s wonders and adventures. Our journey started with a vision to redefine Dubai tourism, and today, we stand as a trusted name for crafting unforgettable Dubai experiences.

Meet the Minds Behind BestnFast Travel

Sunita Khadka


Meet Sunita Khadka, the backbone of our operations. With a master’s degree in commerce and over a decade of experience, Sunita wears many hats in our organization. From managing accounts to delighting new customers, she’s the driving force that keeps us thriving.

Raju Khadka


Raju Khadka, our CEO, is a Dubai tourism aficionado with a decade of expertise. He not only understands the ins and outs of Dubai but also has an uncanny knack for turning every aspect of it, from Booking to packages, into a seamless experience.

Our Recipe for Unforgettable Dubai Adventures

Mixing Expertise with Innovation

We blend Sunita’s meticulous attention to detail with Raju’s deep knowledge of Dubai, and the dedication of every staff associate to create experiences that stand out.

We believe that every trip should be as unique as the traveller, and our team is dedicated to making that happen.

Why we are the best choice for your Dubai Adventure

Tailored Experiences:

We create Dubai adventures as unique as you are.

Dubai Experts:

Our team’s in-depth knowledge ensures you see the real Dubai.


Our customer care expertise guarantees a hassle-free journey.

Proven Excellence:

A decade of experience speaks for our quality and reliability.

Quirky & Memorable:

We add that touch of quirkiness that makes your trip unforgettable.

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